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    Valentine Candy Bottles & DIY Heart Arrows

    Every year, for Valentine’s Day, I love coming up with a fun and creative candy-filled gift to hand out to my friends and family. What better way to show your love than with a pretty bottle filled to the brim with candy!


    Bottled Candy Supplies:
    • Recycled soda bottles (with twist-off caps).
    • Bottle labels in Valentine’s Day colors
    • Your favorite Valentine candy (small enough to fit through the mouth of the bottle).
    • Bottle carrier for easy transport (optional)

    Step 1: Soak of the store bought labels from the bottles. Wash with soap and water, and set aside to dry completely.

    Step 2: Once your bottles are dry, fill them up with candy. You can make your own funnel out of paper or drop them in by hand. Once full, twist the cap back onto each bottle.

    Step 3: Decorate your labels with personalized bottle labels in pink and red colors. I chose the “Morocco” label style in four different colors (coral, hot pink, pale pink and peach).

    DIY Heart Arrow Decoration:
    • Heart Labels (in red and pink colors)
    • Wooden stir sticks
    • Construction Paper (in red and pink colors)
    • Craft Glue (I used Elmer’s)
    • Scissors

    Step 1: Place a heart label onto the end of the wooden stir stick and then add a second label to the back (so the heart labels are stuck together with the wooden stick in between).

    Step 2: Using construction paper and scissors, cut out a feather shape for the end of your arrow. I doubled my construction paper and cut out two at a time. Then glue the feathers to the end of the wooden stick (back to back).

    Tie an arrow to each bottle using bakers twine for extra cuteness.


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