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    How to Stay Fit, Even at Work!

    Do you sit at a desk for hours a day? It’s no news that being sedentary can have a negative impact on your body and health. To combat this, mix up the following exercises throughout the day, or pick two times (11am and 2pm, perhaps?) to run through them all at once.

    Toe points. Keep blood moving to your toes by taking a break to point and flex your feet 10 times.

    Leg lifts. Flex your quads and raise your feet so your leg is straight from the hip out. Do this five to 10 times.

    Roll your shoulders back. Desk work have you hunched? Roll your shoulders back, lift your chin and straighten your spine, then return to work.

    Eye break. If you spend your entire work day behind a computer, this exercise should be done at least once an hour, if possible. Look away from your computer, and focus on an object 20 or more feet away for at least 20 seconds.

    Wrist rolls. Typing have your hands tired? Roll your wrists counterclockwise 10 times, then clockwise 10 times, to get blood flowing.

    Other things to combat too much sitting are: taking a walk break during lunch, considering a standing desk and staying extra hydrated all day long, so you’re forced to make a few extra (walking!) trips to the restroom.

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